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The International MBA is specifically designed for high-achieving individuals who want to take the next major step along their career path, focusing on the development of a global career at the strategic decision-making level at the forefront of business theory and management practice. By way of an in-depth study program covering key disciplines such as finance, management, economics, marketing, operations and strategy, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage across departments, markets and entire organizations.

Course Overview

The Master’s program taught entirely in English, is structured to reflect the needs of modern international business, developing a blend of academic excellence and professional skills that develops highly marketable skills set to stand out in strategic level positions. Starting from management, business and economics principles, participants will be involved in specialized core courses to improve their business knowledge, abilities and skills. The International MBA aims to equip students with a thorough and expert knowledge of international business, through structured and in-depth training of all the main business activities at an international level. After the initial phase, which is focused on the basic activities and issues a company must deal with, the focus moves to core areas of finance, management marketing and operations, ending with four courses concentrating on either finance or management. The International MBA provides students with a theoretical and practical education through case studies, exercises and simulations that address specific problems from the business world. More specifically, the program aims to prepare students for positions in administrative services, business ownership, finance, human resources and employee benefits, labour relations, management consulting, marketing, product development, risk and insurance analysis, sales, and training and development.

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”727″] [accordion title=”Course Modules” connect=”727″] The International MBA degree program consists of four foundation courses (12 credit hours) and eight-core courses(24 credit hours). In addition to completing the core course requirements, students have the opportunity to develop expertise and specific insights in one of the following concentrations: Finance (12 credit hours) or Management(12 credit hours).

Foundation Courses:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Mathematics and Statistics

Core Courses

  • Competitive Environments and Business Venture
  • People and Project Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • International Corporate Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing in Diverse Environments
  • Operations & Service Management

Management Concentration Courses

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Economics and Business Administration
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Business Information Systems

Finance Concentration Courses

  • Financial Regulation & Corporate Governance
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Project Finance and Risk Management
  • Global Finance.[/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”827″] [accordion title=”Professional Outcomes” connect=”827″]

  • General accounting clerk
  • General and industrial accounting director;
  • Wage and contributions director;
  • Budget director;
  • Head of the treasury;
  • Controller for management audit;
  • Business financial analyst;
  • Tax expert;
  • Corporate consultant;
  • Internal auditor;
  • Budget review director;
  • Risk manager;
  • Credit manager;
  • Business advisor.[/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”410″] [accordion title=”Admission” connect=”410″] In order to be admitted into a Master’s Degree program, applicants must possess the following: Bachelor’s Honours Degree Bachelor 2 years Degree with 3 years of management experience [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Language” connect=”410″] Master’s Degree programs are offered in both Italian and English in a blended modality. The Master’s program duration is 1,500 hours including study, assessment activities and project work (lessons, seminars, workshops, assessments, evaluation, etc.) [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Final Assessment” connect=”410″] The final assessment of the Master’s program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation of the student, consists of the completion of project work and discussion of a written dissertation. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Schalorsip” connect=”410″] The scholarship program is administered by IOPS and Marconi University offers partial and full scholarships to a wide variety of students.

Recipients are non-traditional students; seminarians, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition fees there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fees for your preferred study programme. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Duration” connect=”410″] 1 year plus 4 months additional and if program extended to 2 years then an additional fee is charged [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Credits” connect=”410″] 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System) [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Awarding Body” connect=”410″] Guglielmo Marconi University is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and is also approved by ACICS – Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the biggest US accrediting institution linked to the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Its courses are therefore valid in Europe as well as in the United States providing students with several career opportunities in several countries. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Employment Opportunities” connect=”410″] All degree holders will be able to gain employment opportunities around the world. You can be a professional in Pakistan, Canada, UK or anywhere in the world. Migration of professionals anywhere around the globe through this degree is highly considered.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Companies Hiring” connect=”410″]

  • Pfizer
  • Goldman Sack
  • JP Morgan
  • Block Rock
  • Comcast Corp
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • KPMG
  • Credit Suisse
  • FCA
  • CIL Management
  • Parkwell Management Consulting
  • Crown Financial Management[/accordion]

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Foundation Courses
Principles of Accounting (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Macroeconomics (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Principles of Financial Management (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Mathematics and Statistics (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Module 2: Core Courses
Competitive Environments and Business Venture (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
People and Project Management (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Managerial Accounting (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Financial Accounting (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
International Corporate Finance (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
International Business (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Marketing in Diverse Environments (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Operations & Service Management (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Module 3: Management Concentration Courses
Organizational Behavior (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Managerial Economics and Business Administration (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Leadership and Change Management (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Business Information Systems (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Module 4: Finance Concentration Courses
Financial Regulation & Corporate Governance (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Financial Markets and Instruments (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days
Project Finance and Risk Management (In-MBA) 1 year, 3 months
Global Finance (In-MBA) 2 weeks, 6 days

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