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The PhD program addresses all the humanities: literature, linguistics, philology, psychopedagogy, history. In the linguistic field it aims to deepen the research of linguistics, both diachronic (with references to the “external history” of the language and to the sociolinguistics, also from the point of view of linguistic variation) and synchronic (analysed from the point of view of systems structure, cognitive principles of such systems and principles determining their communicative realization).

Course Overview

Particular attention is given to the neurolinguistics intended as a study of neurobiological analogies that determine the organization and transformation of linguistic systems.

Course Objective

From the psychological and philosophical point of view, the program is focused on the relations between emotions, motivations, and cognitive processes in normal situations and in psychopathology. This entails: the study of the vocabulary that distinguishes single emotions and their nuances, the study of neural bases, phenomenological, expressive, physiological characteristics, cognitive ingredients and determinants, motivations of the actions and cognitive orientation involved in single emotions; the knowledge of the main theories regarding motivation, impulses and goals, the different classifications of the main motivations and the correspondent critical aspects; the knowledge of the most important cognitive processes, such as the reasoning and the heuristics.

Fields of Research

  • Aesthetics and Philosophy of Languages
  • Theoretical Philosophy
  • Glottology and Linguistics
  • General Sociology
  • Sociology of Political and Legal Phenomena


In order to be admitted into a PhD program, applicants must possess the following:

  • Masters Degree


PhD programs are offered in both Italian and English in a blended modality.


36 months


The scholarship program is administered by IOPS and Marconi University offers partial and full scholarships to a wide variety of students.

Recipients are non-traditional students; seminarians, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition fees there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fees for your preferred study programme.

Awarding Body

Guglielmo Marconi University is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and is also approved by ACICS – Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the biggest US accrediting institution linked to the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Its courses are therefore valid in Europe as well as in the United States providing students with several career opportunities in several countries.

Career Opportunities

Once the PhD program is completed, the researcher will possess a deep knowledge of emotions, motivations, cognitive processes and their interaction both in normal situations and in clinical psychology. Moreover, he/she will have adequate competences in the research methodology with a special reference to experimentation and psychometrics. The researcher will possess useful competencies for the secondary learning, as well as for working in Universities, hospitals and, more generally, in the clinical and medical fields, but also in non-psychological and non-University spheres, such as companies and complex organizations, e.g., in staff management and in communication activities. The research competences can be used in public and private research institutions, such as Universities, National Research Council, Institutes of Recovery and Care. Good knowledge of English will facilitate access to international research and care institutions.

Notification f0r PhD applicant

An applicant is required to travel University in Italy numbers of time but if you are unable to travel due to disability, or some other reasons then adjustments can be made.  We aim to maximize equal learning opportunities to all. 

Course Curriculum

Field 1
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Languages (Humanities) 7 months
Field 2
Theoretical Philosophy (Humanities) 7 months
Field 3
Glottology and Linguistics (Humanities) 7 months
Field 4
General Sociology (Humanities) 7 months
Field 5
Sociology of Political and Legal Phenomena (Humanities) 7 months

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